The Electron Microscopy Facility is a multi-user and service facility located within the Division of Biological Sciences at The University of Montana. This user-friendly facility performs numerous aspects of research and teaching that require the use of transmission or scanning electron microscopy (TEM, SEM). Principal equipment includes a Hitachi 7100 TEM and a Hitachi S-4700 cold field emission SEM. Both microscopes can be remotely accessed from a users desktop computer via the PCI Collaboration Microscopy System (Quartz Imaging Corporation). A fully equipped specimen preparatory laboratory includes ultramicrotomes, knifemakers, sputter coater, critical point dryer, vacuum evaporators, embedding ovens and light microscopes. The facility is staffed by a professional electron microscopist, available to assist in experimental design and interpretation of data. Major support for the facility is provided by The University of Montana and the National Center for Research Resources Shared Instrumentation and IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE).

Contacts for the facility include:

Dr. Willard O. Granath, Jr.
Director of the EM Facility and Professor of Microbiology
Tel: 406-243-2975

Roy Pescador
Electron Microscopy Technician
Tel: 406-243-4669

Jim Driver
Electron Microscopy Technician
Tel: 406-243-5122

Josh Burnham
Electron Microscopy Remote Access Technician
Tel: 406-243-6099