Megan Higgs

A Message from Megan Higgs

MT INBRE Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Core Director


"Revolutionary technologies used to generate biological data have resulted in large sets of information. Managing and analyzing data isn't always simple, but the payoff can be tremendous with the right planning, tools, and mindset.

Montana INBRE invests in the computational and statistical tools researchers need to acquire, store, organize, archive, analyze and visualize complex biological data sets.

Click the links below to see how the Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core is advancing education, tools, resources and research collaboration throughout Montana."

Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core Goals:

  • Maintain and support the Bioinformatics Teaching, Research Lab and Systems Biology Computational Cluster
  • Offer tutorials, workshops and courses that enable use of bioinformatics tools and expose students to bioinformatics
  • Offer opportunities for one-on-one biostatistical and bioinformatical technical support and mentoring
  • Collaborate with social science research laboratories to provide research resources to social and behavioral scientists






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